Social Media Advertising

Passionate About Social Media

We take social media off your list of things to do which let’s you focus on your restaurant. We post unique content to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages so that your restaurant can benefit from a solid social media strategy.

Join the conversation

Today’s consumers want to see past your storefont to get to know you as an organization and they rely on social media to do it. They access social media at work, at home and on their cell phones. No matter which way you look, social media plays a role in how people interact with their world. No company is too large or too small to participate in social media.

All that matters is that you make an effort to connect with your target audience through their favorite media channels. With the help of Lever Interactive and our team of social media experts, you can become part of this ongoing and interactive conversation with the audiences that drive your business. Through a combination of meaningful monitoring, customer service interaction, brand building, client acquisition, client retention and more, you can effectively engage your target base on their own turf.

Your Current Social Media Strategies

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat – the options in social media engagement are changing every day, and keeping up can be overwhelming for any type of business. That’s why we always start with a personalized assessment that takes a look at your current social media strategies and builds a step-by-step plan from there.

Social Media that Works for You

Because social media isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing solution, it’s important to create a social media campaign with your company in mind. Whether you want us to train your employees to handle all your online interactions or want us to manage and maintain social media accounts for you, we are equipped to create a solution that fits your budget and goals.

Return on Investment

There are endless benefits to restaurants using social media. The value of our service to your restaurant is far greater than what you will pay. Our social media service will drive customers back through your doors while attracting new ones every day.

Save time, attract more customers and make more money!